Earn Money with Google Adsense – Bestseotraining

Earn Money with Google Adsense – Bestseotraining

Google adsense is the advertising platform of google wherin the website / blog owners can place the ads in thier website that are provided by google adsense google shares 70% commission it gets for the ads with the website owners.

There are two types of income in a advetisements :
1. PPC (pay per click ) ranging from Rs.3 – 300 rupees , this document is paid per click ads. Each ad has a different ppc , for more or less the PPC of each of the keywords to use tool Google keywords .

2 . Pay Per Impressions – Hererin , google website owner pays per 1000 impressions an amount between Rs.10 – Rs.200 general.

3 . You can have a maximum of only 3 sections ads Google ads on website, but you can place any number of codes for ad sections , but the screen may be only random 3 sections dynamically .

4.When you have got the approval of google adsense , you can have an unlimited number of sites that you can place ads , and everything works as long as you follow each and every rule of google adsense.

5.Do read the terms and conditions of google adsense carefully before you apply to it.

6 . Never click on their ads on their own. Always remember that google tracks every visitor thorugh IP address and time , ctr ( average must be between 0 % and 5%) , so consider all these factors before applying any method to get your ads clicked .

7 . The above text should be headink Links – and definitely – Sponsored nothing .

8 . Do not apply for google adsense within one month from the time they started to develop the website.

9. Never have an empty website with ads alone.

10.The Google advertisements payment is by check of Indians and any other method , so it can be seen by entering your address and name .

11. Having a strong password for Google accounts to avoid piracy AdSense account .

12. There is no illegal content (like betting , gambling , pornography, etc. . ) In your website as long as you keep the relationship with google adsense.

13.Never try to get clicks from family / friends / in chat , do not work any longer.

14.Never influence or encourage readers to your site to click on the ads on the website.

15. Once the account is banned , all websites that are registered with that id are automatically banned .

16. To get the maximum CTR for your site, try to blend the ads with the theme of your site and place ads just below the posts or pages where the user finishes reading the article.

17. To get the maximum CTR see that change sections ads and find what works best , it is illegal to change the ad sections occasionally .

18.See who earns at least 50 paisa / visitor to your site through google adsense.

19. Besides Google Adsense ads , try to have different advertising affiliate programs, little research on google will show you the list of the best affiliate programs for Indians.

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