SEO Tutorial -2 Bestseotraining

SEO Tutorial -2 Bestseotraining

This article aims to provide an end to end SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guide . It is a series of articles that will provide tips and techniques of SEO . You can find the remaining parts of this article from my page articles . To find the most up to date guide , please review the Guide to SEO .

Link Building
Search engines rank web sites based on inbound links from websites of reputable traffic and heavy. Search engines consider a technical ” more relevant ” web site if you have inbound links from or . Do the following to create quality inbound links :
• Submit articles to relevant websites, write blog entries and forums that contain inbound links .
• Create inbound links “quality” that contain keywords . <a href=””> More on digital camera < / a > is most relevant to a website online digital camera compared to <a href = “http: / / digitalworld . com / dc.aspx “> Click here < / a> , because the fomer contains the keyword” digital camera. ”
• Link building not only increases your website ranking but also brings more traffic from other sites.
Link exchange
Search engines give higher rankings to websites that are popular . Contact webmasters of websites confidence and discuss with them how they can link their products and services on your website . In return, we ask you to put your website link on your site. Do not overdo exchange links with irrelevant websites, such as search engines punish by removing your site from the index. It’s a good idea to conduct a campaign Link.

Group Website
Search engines give higher rankings to relevant websites. Google describes relevance as:
” Relevancy is determined by over 200 factors , one of which is the PageRank for a given page . PageRank is the measure of the importance of a page based on the incoming links from other pages . In simple terms, each link to a page on your site from another site adds to your site’s PageRank . ” .
One way is to increase the PageRank follows :
• Create a group of related websites and link to home web page. A website that sells vacation packages could have a main website that sells holiday packages to all regions and individual websites for Florida , Dubai, Spain and Europe packages.
• You must create 10-12 and 2-5 free websites paid websites for better PageRank .
• Again, do not overdo site for Link Farm group , poor practice becomes , the search engines penalize by removing your site from the index.
The following are some of the places where you can create free websites. Do your own research for free websiteswithout popups and ads :
Who is linked to your website?
Go to Yahoo or Google and search link : yourURL to find which site has links to your site. You may also useYahoo Site Explorer to do the same .
SEO and hosting company
Hosting company have any effect on SEO . It has no effect , even changing from one hosting company to another. Search engines rank the websites domain name, URL , content, inbound links and keywords . However , consider the following when choosing a web hosting company :
• Search engines prefer a site hosted in U.S. one in the UK for keywords related to U.S. as California.
• Hosting companies that are black listed by search engines for spamming and artificial link building website ranking will drop .
• In the case of dedicated hosting, check if your IP is used before somewhere blacklisted .
• Site work time affects ranking. Quality of research services hosting company .
• When changing the hosting company , downtime has an effect on the classification . Plan to keep time low idle .
Presentation of the site
Submit website to search engines and only once . Some URL submission are:
• Present the Google website
• Submit website MSN / Live
• Submit website Yahoo
• Yahoo Site Explorer
• Open Directory Project
• Alexa
• AltaVista
• Lycos
• alltheweb
• Scrub the Web
• Aeiwi
• Homerweb
• Exalead
Presentation of the site
Submit a Sitemap to Google via Google Webmaster Tools. Google uses your Sitemap to learn about the structure of your site and increase the coverage of the web pages. You could generate XML sitemap using www.xml – .
To find the most up to date guide , please review the Guide to SEO .

How to Increase Adsense Income of your Website or Blog::::::::::::::::::::::;GOOGLE ADSENSE

How to Increase Adsense Income of your Website or Blog

AdSense is the main source of income for many bloggers and no limit on the amount you earn with Adsense.Simply creating AdSense website and get good money.You do not need to know a few simple things to make some decent amount Adsense . Well , here I will talk about some things that can increase your Adsense revenue without much effort

1.Placement ad:
Yes ! Proper placement ad revenue increase for sure.I have tested this on one of my blog and some fruitful results.By placing ads in the right places you can get good number of clicks increase the CTR and obviously , increase revenue.

my limbs
I suggest you place ads below post tittle and End of message to get good number of clicks.

If you want to earn more replace ads more size.I recommend you use 336 x 280 or 300 x 250 ad unit below the title after making a few extra dollars .

Generally ad here irritate some visitors , but if you want to earn more you have to adjust with issues like this !

Place ads with Menu Bar to do some additional bucks.Below screenshot is a better way to place the ads to earn more –

2.Loading Time :
Charging time plays a crucial role in his blog Success.Yes load time impact on Adsense Earning also.If your blog is slow then you slowly charged ads within this time , the reader can let your blog!

If you placed ads below post title and then the charging time has a great impact on your load earnings.When your ads as soon as visitors get to land on the page of the probability of clicking your ad is more! So if your blog does not have a good time load if placed ads below post title can not do much Earnings

3.Traffic :
Traffic is important to gain more and more of AdSense.If you can build more traffic then you can earn more for sure.I just can say that over the more revenue traffic More

4.Keywords :
Google Ads are based on keywords have high CPC keywords.Some other.So then if you can write about specific keywords, then you win noramly some more wins.
You can find the CPC of each keyword using Keywordplanner

5.Traffic / United Kingdom
I found this in my experience that U.S. traffic , UK, Canada and Australia sure.I increase revenue and traffic was said over the CPC for clicks income.Genreally U.S. / UK is much, much greater than Indain CPC.So Be Directed Traffic and increase your income.

6.Selection ad units :
This is one more important thing you need to look of.Selecting Good ad unit also helps you increase your Adsense income .
What to Choose Picture or Text ad?

I can not say exactly, but in my experience are more effective ads after ads.Image text ads are more catchy and attract readers . I recommend using both text and image ads on your blog.
What size Units Ads is the best?

300×250 , 336×280 , 300×600 , 768×90 ad 160x600and be better to generate a good number of clicks.

7.Place ads between Blog posts :
This will work something better.Placing ads between blog definitely increase your income, but it will give a bad user experience.
I recommend you put 468×60 text ad unit to be better to win without losing user experience .

8.Try use maximum number of ad :
You can use 3 banners and text links 2 Ads I recommend using Google Adsense.So maximum use to earn more ad units .
Adsense Premium Publisher Banner can use 6 June Ads.You can also display banner ads using Google Double Click.
Many say using maximum number decrease CPC ads , but in my experience with any number of ad unit no fee CPC.So can use maximum number of ads.

9.Place text link ad units below the menu bar.
Yes, this will give you some fruitful results placing text links ad units below the bar menu will generate a number of clicks.

10.Some More tips :
No place advertisements Side by Side.
Prioritize loading time .
Get more search traffic.
Focus on High CPC keywords .

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