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What is search engine marketing ( SEM )

What is search engine marketing ( SEM ) ?

One of the most widespread beliefs about search engine marketing ( SEM ) is the search engine advertising equals search engine marketing. If your online marketing company carries out advertising campaigns in Google , the company should specialize in SEM , right?

Despite this common belief , it is not accurate. As I said earlier , search engine advertising is only one component of search engine marketing process . Marketing campaigns involve branding , sales , customer service , distribution, exhibitions , radio , television , direct mail, etc. . And advertising , too. So when hiring a SEM company , make sure it offers a variety of services, not just advertising.

The success of advertising campaigns search engine depends on five factors:
keyword selection
bid price
ad copy
Ad distribution
Effective Landing Pages

Focus on campaign performance and data integration
SearchCenter + strip in Adobe SiteCatalyst metrics assigned to search engine data . There is a process of combining hard to handle, so that marketers focus on campaign optimization based on current accurate data .
Insight and control to manage campaigns based on business needs

Within a single interface , users can access critical business data , extensive search query terms , organic search activity , or custom campaign metrics aligned with easy to use management tools , empowering them to take control campaigns .

Increase efficiency by automating
Time is a precious commodity in the world in this category. The ability to automate daily tasks or deliver custom reports allows more time for strategy formulation and optimization campaign .

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